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{Agosto 6, 2010}   my confession to him

Am I really over you?
This I am not certain
What if we would see each other again?
I could not answer not until then
Do I have the face to talk to you?
After this confession?
This for now I don’t know
Silly or numb-hearted you can be
If you haven’t noticed the changes in me
The poems and blogs I have written about you
Are strong evidences of life crime against you
Yes its always you
Its you that I’m thinking about
Its always you
That II love NO DOUBT
What if one day, you are to read this one?
UNSAON nalang
Even if deep within me

Is a great longing of seeing you again

I guess, I will never have the guts to talk to you

unless, I am no longer sane

Truly love is powerful

It has done a lot on me

Things I never imagined to be.. 😦


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